Pandora Catering offers an elegant but approachable dining experience. We use farm fresh meats and produce and organic suppliers whenever possible to make healthy and inventive meals.


Pittsfield, Maine

Taylor Landry

Chef + Owner

Taylor Landry comes from a family of passionate chefs. He has years of experience working in fine dining. His food is bold and creative yet pays homage to classic techniques and european flavors. He specializes in vegetarian fare. When he's not in the kitchen you can find him rock climbing or skiing.


Danville, Kentucky

Elena Levin

Chef + Owner

Elena Levin became interested in food at a young age, and learned the basics of cooking from her Italian mother. Her career in the kitchen began after studying sustainable food systems at the University of Michigan, where she teamed up with a local butcher to open a small food counter and bakery. From there she started specializing in pastry, but loves creating all types of food with eclectic flavors and local ingredients. She draws inspiration from her travels as well as her roots, and loves blending them together.


Bethesda, Maryland

Steve Hertzfeld

Chef + Owner

Steve Hertzfeld's relationship with food started at home where he experimented with flavors and techniques to feed his friends and family. He led volunteer trail maintenance trips where he was responsible for feeding his crew. From there his passion led him to fine dining here in Telluride where he worked on the mountain for seven years. He built relationships with members of the farming community and fellow chefs, and decided to spread his skills through farmers' markets and catering.


With a foundation in classic French and Italian cuisines, a traveled palate, and a penchant for eclectic flavors, Pandora Catering offers an elegant but approachable dining experience. We believe that shared food experiences are an essential part of what makes us human, and our mission is to create wholesome food with an adventurous spirit.

Our chefs Taylor Landry, Steve Hertzfeld and Elena Levin met in Telluride, Colorado where they frequented the same potlucks and were independently involved in the town's food community. All with professional food backgrounds, they often encountered each other in the kitchen feeding their hungry friends. After years of cooking countless meals together, our chefs realized they had complimentary cooking styles, the same food values, and a common desire to create and feed. What started as a casual collaboration soon became a culinary partnership.

Pandora Catering uses farm fresh ingredients whenever possible, and prioritizes organically grown or raised food. We value high quality ingredients and healthy lifestyles, and are happy to accommodate any food allergies or special diets.